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Diane Drescher's light filled landscapes straddle the line between traditional and modern.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and continued her art training at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Student's League of New York and the National Academy in NY. 


Travels to Europe over a 10-year period to research design trends for  fashion projects provided an ideal opportunity to study the tradition  of landscape painting in the museums of Paris and London. As a result,  Drescher began refining her painting style using vivid colors, thick  application of paint, and distinctive brushstrokes. 



 Fine Art Portfolio
"Contact with nature is vital to my art.  I search out beautiful, quiet places and I paint on site, en plein air. 
In my paintings color is a compositional force. I use color as my  primary vehicle for expressing form and exploring spatial relationships.   I paint what I see but my approach is purely subjective and  painterly.  The physicality of the paint and the personality of  the brush strokes have equal visual importance with "getting it right".

 My medium is oil on canvas,  My portfolio represents the genre of Landscape painting by a contemporary artist 


My Inspiration

For me painting is a journey that brings constant change and  question.  I draw inspiration from the works by Cezanne and  Matisse as well as Richard Diebenkorn.   My greatest goal  is to be an honest, expressive painter. 

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Hudson Heights, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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